An international move is always a lot of work. Especially with kids, but I must say it has been one of the easiest transitions. Living in an English speaking country has many plusses. For the first time no need for language training, which is nice. If I need anything I can just ask and know that someone will understand what I want. This gives me time now to explore my new surroundings and experience how it is to live here.

So far one of the interesting facts about Americans I learned through my cross cultural training, which means basically you learn “how to behave in your new country”. What to do, what to say, but esp. what not to do or say. Interesting enough there seems to be 3 no no topics: religion, sex and politics. Politics is almost unavoidable this political cycle. There’s just too much going on for people not to talk. And I have lots to say but will leave that for a different post.

One of the things Americans do love to talk about is sports. American football and baseball, both sports I know nothing about. To watch an actual game is mind blowing and very time consuming. A baseball game can take up to 3 hours, which is very long if you haven’t got a clue what’s going on..

Of course now living in the US we need to see a real game and get a better understanding. That’s why next week we are going to see the Cubs for the first time. This week I have decided to read everything there is on rules and regulation and hopefully I will be an expert before going to the game. I shall write after that, perhaps I will be a fan..